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Ketamine Infusion in Germany

As one of the first physicians in Germany, Dr. Schmitz-Buchholz offers treatment with ketamine infusions for depression and chronic pain. Based on his long-time experience he has developed a special protocol for ketamine infusion treatment; During a start phase for dose-finding, the patient is treated with 3 ketamine infusions. Usually, the three ketamine infusions are done in 5-7 days, but according to patients needs they can be done even on 2-3 days. During the first 3 ketamine infusions the patient is closely under surveillance by Dr. Schmitz-Buchholz to evaluate  safety and efficiency of the first ketamine treatments. Ketamine infusions are started at a starting dose of 0.5mg/kg and dose is adjusted multiple times during ketamine infusion according to patients response. Aim of the first three ketamine infusion ist do achieve a strong feeling of dissociation and to assure a safe and secure feeling.

Ketamine infusion Germany is done in outpatient setting

Usually, after the first 3 ketamine infusions, patients will be asked to watch how long the positive effect will last. A 4th ketamine infusion is scheduled about 7-14 days after the third ketamine infusion to maintain the therapeutic effect. Afterwards additional ketamine infusions a scheduled based on patients availability and needs. Usually, booster infusions are done every few weeks up to every few months.

All ketamine infusions are done in an outpatient setting. Usually, patients can leave the facility after 75-90 Minutes. For special needs or indications an inpatient setting is possible but needs to be arranged and is charged around 1000 Euro per day. During an inpatient setting a continuously ketamine infusion can be done for up to 96 hrs.

Costs of ketamine infusions in Germany

Patients are charged 300 Euro per ketamine infusion (outpatient) and payment is required in advance. Patients will receive a receipt.

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